Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Where electronic data hides.

Recently I visited a prospective client in Oakbrook IL and was asked if AVA could provide in house data destruction of their digital copier/printer. I said sure though for a moment I was puzzled and had forgotten that newer digital copiers have installed hard drives. Over that weekend I was doing some casual research on data destruction (unrelated to copiers) and unexpectedly came across the article from the Info Law Group, "FTC Issues Guide to Businesses on Securing Digital Copiers".
This sparked my curiosity as to how many other personal and business devices that are used daily are capturing and retaining proprietary or confidential business information (CBI) that escapes our awareness? For instance, AVA recycles lots of cell phones for consumers and our corporate customers who usually remove the SIM card prior to submitting for disposal. Even without the SIM many phones do retain data. So what about scanners or other electronics designed to read data?

We will continue to update this blog as new information becomes available.
It's our hope that our readers will consider the apparently many overlooked places where their important data may hide and be proactive in securing these storage devices. In the meantime we invite you to read the entire article noted above which has been reproduced here with the kind permission of the author Richard Santalesa and the Info LawGroup:

AVA recommends our readers visit for other pertinent articles, papers & information on legal issues surrounding data related topics.
Thanks again to Richard Santalesa & Info LawGroup.

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